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A Day Without Illegal Immigrants?

How about the rest of US History without them?

Honestly, what happened to moral standards that people who steal and cheat think they can get away with it since they had it coming to them? I wonder what any of them would think if I came into their house and just started sitting around, then got up and ate their food, and slept in their bed, but I also cleaned up everything, and maybe even cooked dinner occasionally. They would probably ask, “What do you think you’re doing?” Using their logic, I could just say, “I live here; it’s a lot better than my old house and I like it here, so I live here now.” If for some strange reason they let me stay, let’s just say I started using everything around their house all the time. I made long distance phone calls, used the shower, left lights on, etc. Now I’m not being the maid mind you, because I’m not getting paid and then going home at night, I just stay there all the time. When they end of the month rolled around, they would probably expect me to chip in the house payment or the rent, and that would be a legitimate thing for them to expect. But, I refuse. “I live here,” I’d say. “And I’m doing everything I can to stay alive; you don’t expect me to pay to stay alive do you?” Sounds kind of crazy doesn’t it? They would have the right to, and should kick me out of their house.

And yet, illegal immigrants sneak across our borders, into our “house” and sit around. Yes they work jobs, and yes they make money; as illegals though I doubt many of them are paying taxes, and yet they have to live somehow. Who covers the money they’re not paying? I won’t give you two guesses. And now, when some people decided to stand up and say, “Hey, you’re a freeloader around here, and you’re inviting all your friends over to my house too. This just isn’t working,” illegal immigrants have the gall to stand up and say, “I have a right to be here, and you can’t kick me out. You depend on me!” Oh really? I read the reports on Fox News today about how businesses lost money today without immigrants.

Hmm, well maybe all those business should have thought about that before they hired illegals. Could we surive without them? Yes. Would it be rough for a little while? Yes. Are they a ton load of people sitting around living off welfare checks that could be working those jobs? Absolutely. Do have to keep taking this arrogant attitude from illegals? Definitely not.