So what does it matter…

My opinions are what I’m referring to. I mean why should anyone want to listen the banterings, rantings, ravings, thoughts, and musings of a young man barely in his 20s? It’s an excellent question. Perhaps I can come up with a few reasons (not necessarily exclusive) as to why you might want to read them:

1. I’m young. You might want to use that as an argument against me, but it’s well known that as a young man I bring to the table a fresh new set of ideas, and a new outlook and insight into old ideas. As well, I get to experience things as I go, and to some readers older than me, you may get a kick out of watching me struggle through the same stuff you did.

2. I can be loud. This is a blog for goodness sakes. And we all know that the “tongue” is a little freer on a blog. More than others, I may not be afraid to really toss out what I mean and just say it. You can expect me to be a straight-shooter.

3. I just got married. Ok, so this reason was just a cheap excuse to fill you in on what was going on in my life.

4. I just graduated college. While this may seem to be similar to point 3, it actually has some validity, especially in conjunction with point 3. Being married and graduated from college gives me the most qualifications I’ve ever had for being an adult. In fact I would call myself an adult now. However, I must admit that are still times where I don’t feel like it and wonder what in the world I’m doing with my life and where it’s going. So it’s possible you might get in on some of that as well.

If those reasons are not good enough, I may be able to come up with better ones later, but right now, I’m off.