Being nervous stinks

So Sharathon is this week. I work at a radio station that’s non-commercial. That means we raise all our own support for each year to continue our broadcasts. One of the ways we do that is to commit three days to fund-raising each year called Sharathon. It’s not as planned as a regular radio show is. It’s a bit more off the cuff. This makes me nervous as all get out.

It seems silly really. I mean, I can’t screw it up bad enough that tons of people would stop listening, and if anything goes wrong, you can kind of laugh it off sometimes. I’m just nervous is all. This is a big deal, and it’s one of the biggest most important weeks at the station. I have no strict guidelines, no script. What if I run out of things to say? What if I lose my train of thought and everyone sits there staring at me waiting for me to say something while crickets chirp in the background. Ok, it won’t be that bad, but it’s still nerve-racking. Doing almost anything the first time is nerve-racking. That’s the way life is I guess. As my wife likes to tell me, “You’ll do fine.”


You don’t know what you have…

Maybe I’m the only one, but I can easily see how I took for granted the seemingly small thing of having friends. Around. Yes, I still have friends despite my recent move, but a good amount of my time used to be involved with spending time with those friends. We would go places, do things, wreak havoc, and then be forced to fix that havoc together. Life and the times were good. So now I’ve moved back to Iowa. Don’t get me wrong I love Iowa. And of course I love my wife, who is indeed my best friend. But yet, there’s that something about hanging with the guys, or going out somewhere. Thankfully I have satiated those desires over the past couple of days.

I play a computer game called World of Warcraft. All discussions on your opinion of the game and it’s effect on those who play it aside, I play this game for a vital reason: my friends play it. That’s right, using in game chat, and a program called Ventrilo, I can chat with and literally talk to my friends from college as well as my brother, who plays the game as well. Spending three hours in the game is a social exercise for me. My worst nights are when I am alone and none of my friends are on. I usually quit shortly thereafter to do something else. I’m sure many of my friends find me annoying now. “I wish that Mike would be quiet and stop bothering me. Grrr.” I appreciate their patience with me.

Just tonight, Amy and I went out to a friends house in town. We don’t have a ton of friends in town, and we hope that finding a local church will help solve that problem (more on that later). Tonight we visited some friends of ours from college who happen to live in this area. We didn’t know this until a couple weeks before we moved here. Anyway, we went their place for dessert and games. We played a great card game called Hand and Foot, a variation on Canasta. (Despite what my wife tells you, speed card games are no fun. Games that involve turns and thought are much more friendly to all types of players. She still beats me at them, but at least I have fun.) Just being with another couple is a great refreshment to Amy and I. We need to get out. Being in the house with just the two of us drives us insane.

Oh, about that church thing, due to a random turn of events, we visited a church last week and despite my best efforts to get my wife out the door we got “caught” and invited to the young married couples group after the service. It ended up being the best thing that happened to me all day (just beating out Ron Steele, a local celebrity, telling me he listened to my show every day and loved it). We had a great time meeting other couples around our age, and they’ve invited us to a party tomorrow. Should be a good time.

I was trying to think of some moral or greater point to this point. Perhaps I could share some deeper thought of life out of my needs to be social. Maybe I just need to be social and can leave it at that. Not everything has to have a point, does it?