As I embark on the journey of trying to write fun reviews/recaps/thoughts on shows I’ve viewed, I should warn that I will spare no spoiler.  If you haven’t seen the episode I”m talking about, avoid the post until you have.  Then you won’t feel disappointed that I spoiled something.  Additionally, the post will make more sense and be more enjoyable.  So, SPOILERS AHEAD! 

This week saw the third episode of Heroes Season 2.  I really enjoy Heroes.  The action is awesome, most of the characters are great, and the story is engaging.  The conundrum comes in the fact that it’s not always consistent.  That’s the reason I didn’t buy Heroes Season 1 on DVD.  Most of the show I enjoyed, but I didn’t enjoy just enough of it that I didn’t feel inclined to pick it up.  It’s much easier to do that when it’s the first season.

 Unfortunately, this season is starting out in a similar manner.  It’s a bowl full of awesome with a dash of ugh mixed in.  That “ugh” is Maya and Alejandro.  It’s a bad sign for your character when the most interesting thing you’ve done is be evil. That’s right, this week, Maya actually used her power (causing people to collapse and bleed out of their eyes…WEIRD!) for evil.  Or was this supposed to be one of those greater good moments.  “I need my brother, so I’ll do whatever to save him.”  Ok, next time, tell your brother not to attempt grand theft auto on an open street 50 feet from a police officer.  Then you wouldn’t be in your current position.  It’s that kind of stupid stuff that makes me unable to care about these characters.  At least one has to survive or there wouldn’t be any point in showing them, unless they somehow stumble on Syler and cure him or something strange.  Anyway, the most interesting thing to come out of their story this week was a moral question.  Is it really murder if your brother can bring them all back to life a few minutes later?

Peter’s story is by far my favorite, except for the semi-predictable end of the episode.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it fits with his character.  Peter is, for some reason, an incredibly insecure guy.  Last season it was “What if I become the bomb and kill everyone? I can’t handle that!”  This season it’s, “What if I remember who I am and it turns out I’m evil?”  I can answer that one for ya Peter.  Decide not to be evil anymore!  You don’t have to be evil if you were evil (which you aren’t) but if you open the box at least you’ll have a credit card and driver’s license.  Think man!

 I found the end of Hiro’s tale this week similar to Peter’s. Both make decisions to stay where they are rather than figure out and go back to where they belong, unless of course they belong where they are now, which I believe is the implication.  It’s cool to see Takezo finally on a good path. Plus I’m a huge fan of British accents, so I would have been disappointed if he’d been out of the show already.  He reminds me of the guy who played Chaucer in A Knight’s Tale

 While I admit I didn’t deduce who was the last death painting until the very last second, I still think it makes a cool twist.  If nothing else (I hope) it points to West being more than he seems.  Perhaps once they’ve been implanted, the Company can take control of them.  That would definitely make an interesting twist.  Regardless, we know that the event of HRG dying isn’t set in stone since the nuclear explosion destroying New York City never occured.  As to who this nefarious character in a darkened hood is, I’m definitely intrigued. 

 Finally, Sylar returned!  And in his parting act, proved what a friend and I had theorized near the end of last season: Michelle aka Illusion Girl was actually overweight from all that eating she does.  Namely her comment to Micah last season about not judging people by how they look and then continuing to snarf swiss cake rolls or some such.

Finally finally, there’s nothing to say about the Nikki/Jessica story line because nothing happened.  At least nothing that can’t be covered by next weeks show opening recap in 5 seconds or less.