7 More Months? Arrgh!

WARNING: This blog post is spoiler heavy for the season finale of LOST.  if you haven’t watched it or want to watch it without being spoiled, turn back now.

Ok, so I can’t confirm that it’s actually 7 more months, but I’m assuming the next Lost season will start up again in January.  So that’s about right.

Well what can I say really?  A ridiculous amount of stuff happened tonight: soldiers died, boats exploded, islands disappeared, helicopters crashed, people escaped, lovers were united, and in the future everything on and off the island went to crap and John Locke took on an alternate name and died.  And all that in 1 hr and 20 minutes (with 40 minutes of commercials).  In short, this was the season finale of all season finales to conclude what I think I’m safe to call the best season of Lost yet.  You can disagree if you want.  It’s your right.

So, I guess I should cover my preposterous predictions to recap and wrap up and talk about how accurate I was.

1.  As far as John Locke gaining access to the Orchid, I am correct.  As far as he and his future self meeting, well, I guess the writers decided not to blatantly steal from Back to the Future 2, which is totally ok with me.  The 80’s (and a future based on the 80’s) were a very scary time.

2. Jin was not the only person to die in the explosion. And he didn’t really sacrifice himself either.  I guess I’ll admit out loud that he is dead, but in my heart, I’ll always hold out and hope that he survived somehow.  Also, it seems that Michael was the person to sacrifice himself actually.  Kind of fitting full circle for his character.  The appearance of Christian was interesting.  Does that mean Michael gets to be a permanent, creepy Island member now too?

3. Ok, this one I was actually pretty excited to be mostly accurate on.  The others did show up and kill them all.  Thought I totally called while watching that Keamy wasn’t dead.  Even the guy next to me said, “He was wearing kevlar, that wouldn’t kill him!”  So he didn’t get whispered to death.  And not to bash the writers (ok, maybe a little) but everyone I was watching with wondered why in the world John didn’t just try to tranfer it to his arm really quick.  It might’ve worked…

4. Yeah, the island didn’t really forget them.  I mean it kind of did.  Because as I told Amy tonight, I think Daniel Farady and his crew of nameless extras got caught up with the island moving.  So really the only people left behind were the crew in the chopper.  But no, the Island didn’t forget, they jsut weren’t close enough.  Or they were airborne.  I’m not sure what the parameters of travel by Island Purple Glow is…

5. I’ll still admit that I cheated on this one since the producers said we would find out.  I’ve changed my opinion on this one the whole season.  When we first saw the coffin, my wife and I guessed John Locke, because who else would it be the most ironic for Jack to be weeping for, particularly if no one else came or cared.  So, though I did doubt that opinion many times, it’s nice to be vindicated on this one.

6.  Sawyer is not yet King of the Island.  But we do know that for some reason things go downhill, Locke leaves, and then he dies.  So there’s still a good chance Sawyer could be crowned before the end of the show.  I’ll hold out on this one.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions (it wouldn’t be LOST if there weren’t) like why did John Locke die?  Why is Sun helping Widmore, or is she?  Why was Charlotte on the Island before?  Did Daniel get sucked up on the move and is he now trapped on the island?  What is everything that Richard Alpert is going to explain to Locke? (Seriously, I want to know it all.) And finally, how in the world did everything go bad on the Island when all that was left were the people wanted to stay there, except maybe Daniel and Juliet? I mean seriously, how can anything go wrong?? All these and more questions will just have to wait…seven more months.  Who am I kidding, they won’t answer them all in next season’s premier.  I should say 2 more years.


Can You Really Even Guess?

My wife suggested I post some predictions about what will happen in tomorrow night’s eagerly anticipated season finale of LOST.  I’m usually not big on predictions, particularly with this show.  If I make them, I make them in an exaggerated, I-could-be-serious-or-I-might-not sense.  That way if I’m wrong, I don’t look stupid.  I will probably tackle these predictions with the same sense.  So here goes:

1. John Locke will gain entrance to the Orchid:  In the process he might meet a future version of himself and nearly cause a temporal paradox.  Instead, both versions will only faint.  We’ll have to wait til next season to see how that works out.

2. Only Jin will die in an explosion of C4:  Jin will sacrifice himself to save his wife and child, as well as everyone else by strapping the C4 to himself and jumping overboard.  When Daniel Faraday returns to the ship, he’ll ask the obvious question: “Why didn’t you just remove all the detonators from the C4 blocks?”

3.  All commando dudes will die:  Realizing that the smoke monster didn’t really do that good of a job last time (only one guy? Come on!)  Richard Alpert will take matters into his own hands and along with all the Others and their numerous machine guns, will kill all the soldiers.  Except for the head guy.  He’ll be whispered to death instead.

4. The Island will move, but will forget to bring the Oceanic 6 along:  That’s right, I don’t think there’s a reason for them leaving the Island; it’s like when 30 of my extended family went to get ice cream while on vacation and left my sister at the campground.  It was just an accident.  Unlike my family, the Island doesn’t immediately rush back to get them.

5. We will find out who’s in the coffin:  Ok, this prediction stinks because I think the producers have already said we’ll find out in this episode.  This way, at least one of my predictions will come true.  Unless of course I heard wrong, in which case this is a shameful list.

6. Sawyer will be crowned King of the Island:  Richard Alpert will tell both John and Ben that they haven’t done a very good job and that Sawyer is the only character that’s really developed and realized that the Island’s purpose is really to just a get a new shot at life and escape life in a cubicle crunching numbers will nerd glasses on.  Plus, he’s waiting for Polar Bear to come back into season.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for now.  If you have a prediction, post it in the comments and if I see it before the show tomorrow night and I like it, I’ll post it.  After I’ve watched, I’ll hopefully post again on the accuracy of my predictions.