What have I been missing?

When Battlestar Galactica wrapped up a few weeks ago, part of me was glad that my list of shows to watch had gone down.  There was one less show I was caught up in to keep track of.  Instead I picked up a few new shows via Hulu over lunch breaks at work.  And two of them were shows I used to watch that got lost in the shuffle.

  • Life – I watched quite a bit of the first season of Life.  Following the exploits of Charlie Crews as he tries to remain calm and “zen” in the world outside prison provided a good detective story each week, and kept you hooked trying to figure out who framed him.  I missed most of season 2 (I can only tape one thing at a time and Lost wins out at our place), but I caught the last few episodes (including last night’s season finale) and I regret missing the rest of the season.
  • Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles – I was so busy with other shows during the first season that while I watched it, I didn’t really get into it.  Then when season 2 rolled around, I never picked it back up.  In hindsight, I wish I’d watched TSCC instead of wasting all that time with Heroes.  Real issues of trust, betrayal, and grief are played out well in this show.  Now I have to catch the season finale this week and hope it comes back for a third season.
  • Dollhouse – I love Firefly, so this show should’ve been a shoe-in.  But after the first episode, I didn’t keep up.  It’s not that it wasn’t interesting.  Friday just isn’t the best time for me.  Thankfully I had the sanity to go back and catch up on Hulu. It still feels a little rough around the edges, but I’m definitely intrigued, and I think the show asks some difficult questions intentionally (and perhaps unintentionally) about the human soul and what it means to be a human being.  Hopefully it’s given the chance to come back next year as well.