It Doesn’t Translate Well

Dune (1984)

I’ve always loved the book, but I have to say, the movie didn’t do it for me.  Perhaps the Sci-Fi (or SyFy now) mini-series was better, but this one was just a bit confusing, even for someone who’s read the book.  Too much had to hit the chopping floor, and I never felt like any of the characters were developed enough to truly care about.  But, I guess in 1984 after Star Wars and it’s sequels have done so well, you figure, “Why not?”

My Daughter singing along

Every night before bed, I read a few stories to my daughter, and then we sing and pray.  Last night, my daughter sang along with us.  Not that she doesn’t sing (and talk) a lot anyway, but this is the first time she’s sung with us, and it made us smile.

SWOT Analyses

We had a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis at work this week.  It’s always fun to tackle these, though the Weaknesses and Threats can get uncomfortable at times.  It made think about doing this for myself.  Often we analyze businesses to see how they’re doing and how they can grow.  Why can’t the same thing work for a person?

Can you translate?

I had to look over some accounting numbers at a meeting the other night.  It’s times like that where I’m thankful for people who know what they’re doing with numbers.  If the budget was up to me, it wouldn’t’ be pretty. This is why we do the budget together for our house.


I’ve had an Evernote account for a while, but I’m not always the best at using it.  It’s a great system for capture thoughts and ideas, and I’m hoping to put it to get use collecting ideas for blogging, work, and life in general.  The trick to using a system for ubiquitous capture, though, is that you have to discipline yourself to using it.  So that’s one of my current projects.  I wonder if I should record that in Evernote.  Which reminds me that I should also mention…


I just signed up for an account to Springpad yesterday and I’ve been toying around with it.  It’s too bad it doesn’t have a desktop app yet, but the new HTML5 based web app is pretty nice.  For now, I can see myself using Evernote and Springpad: Evernote to capture ideas, take notes, or draft items and Springpad to keep tabs on wishlists and just create lists of the items I already own, to help me keep them organized.  If you prefer one over the other, let me know which, and why, in the comments.


RockMelt and More


It’s a new social browser built on Chromium in an invite-only beta.  You sign in using your Facebook account, then communicate with friends on the left-hand panel and track websites and feeds on the right side.  I like the interface, but it’s going to take some habit changes before I can see it’s full potential.  On a side note, why can RockMelt reduce it’s menus to a button in the corner on XP but the Firefox 4 beta doesn’t seem too?


It’s National Novel Writing Month. I’m obviously not going to tackle it this year, it being halfway through the month and all. But I do admit the concept is intriguing.  Of course, the major issue is the concept…for a novel, that is.

National Unfriend Day

I guess Jimmy Kimmel decided it was National Unfriend Day today, a time to cut down your friends list on Facebook.  I can see his point; when you get too many friends, Facebook becomes less about staying in touch and maintaining great relationships, and becomes more white noise.  I don’t know if I can bring myself to unfriend people, but I could definitely use a way to make Facebook more meaningful and useful again.

The Beatles on iTunes

I really enjoy The Beatles.  I even enjoyed that movie that used their music as the basis for a music (except for the psychedelic midsection).  But even I have to admit that while their complete music library coming to iTunes is cool, it wasn’t exactly worth the hype that was thrown up in front of it.

The Blog’s Theme

I’m not sure why this blog is this crazy yellow color and the picture is of snow covered brush.  I’m not the hugest fan of snow, and glad it’s not in my area yet, so that strikes that picture out.  And the yellow must be the result of me screwing around with the theme features and forgetting to change it back.  Time to work on the decor around here.


We got an estimate to have insulation installed at our house.  Turns out there’s not much of anything in our sidewalls.  I’m hoping to get it installed soon; it would be nice to have a comfortable house during the winter.  Of course, our upstairs will still be cold, which means writing here might not be the most comfortable experience.  I could buy a laptop so I could write downstairs, but a sweater is probably cheaper.

A Strange Windows 7 Saga

A couple of weeks ago, a friend called and asked me to help him upgrade his install of Windows Vista to Windows 7.  He’d been having trouble with the PC for a while, really didn’t like Vista, and was looking forward to an upgrade.  I agreed, thinking an OS upgrade would be one of the easier things I could do for him upgrade wise.  Boy was I wrong.

After a couple of failed installs and a successful full wipe of the hard-drive via Ubuntu, I had Windows 7 at least installed.  Then, since I’d needed to do a clean install, my product key didn’t work.  After acquiring the collective wisdom of Twitter, and a subsequent reinstall, the product key was accepted and my friend had a Windows 7 laptop.

From the little I got to play around with it, it seems like a great improvement.  It was responsive, the new features seemed a good combination of useful and aesthetically pleasing, and overall, I was actually left thinking it was worth moving there from my trusty XP.  As a thank you for working on his PC, my friend gave me that opportunity by grabbing me my own copy.

And that’s where it dives downhill again, as my own install was filled with errors and (eventually) failure.  It seems that despite my computer meeting the minimum requirements and the compatibility manager saying that I looked good, install won’t complete.  Whether I try to run the install from inside XP or do a clean install from boot-up, I’m inevitably faced with one of two endings: a blue screen of death or a complete system lockup.

Lonely Windows 7

My poor copy of Windows 7 sits in my closet

So now my copy of Windows 7 sits in my closet, waiting for me to get out of more debt and get a new PC.  Here’s hoping I get there before Windows 8.