A Passion for Learning

Can I take a moment to throw some blame around and place it on our education system?  See, I love to learn, and I think that might be strange.   I mean, who really grew up loving to go to school and thought “Learning is awesome!”?  Because once you learn something, you have to do an assignment or take a test on it.

I think learning becomes more awesome once you’re not constrained by tests and papers for one simple reason:  because you want to!  When you want to learn something, you pursue it, and the more you want to learn it, the more passionate and dedicated about it you’ll be.  And without all those tests, etc., you’re free to learn as much as you want without the stress.

So get out and learn something!  Here are your first three steps:

  1. Pick something to learn. Decide on a topic.  It could be something you’re really excited about or something you’re just curious about.  It doesn’t matter what it is, because if you find it boring, you can just learn something else.
  2. Find resources on your topic. Check out the library.  It’s not as scary as you think.  Of course, the internet is a great place to go.  You never know what kind of free resources there are out there.  Which leads me to…
  3. Connect with others who have a passion for that topic. One of the best ways to learn is from or with someone else. Getting together with a group not only improves your ability to learn, but it adds motivation as well.

Right now, I’m tackling HTML and CSS, then it’ll be PHP, maybe Javascript, and then who knows?  I’m a geek, so looking at web development sounds fun to me.  And I have friends who know more about it then I do who can help me learn as well.

What do you have a passion for? Cooking? Running? Civil War Era history?  Learn about it.  I’ve just handed you your course schedule for life; now fill it out.   And there won’t be a test.


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