My Daughter’s Imagination

Some days, I wish I had my younger brain.  I remember having a vivid imagination and loving to just sit and read, draw, play, or create.  Now there are days where I sit and stare and wonder why I can’t be creative.  Then, you start to wonder if you were really that creative as a kid after all.

Luckily, my daughter often comes to the rescue in this situation.  She’s just over two years old now, and is running, talking, and playing.  Plus, her imagination has already kicked in full force.

For example, just the other night she spread out a blanket on the floor and invited me to a picnic.  She brought clothes hangers to the “picmic” for food.  That is until I pretended my hangar was a hook and said I was a pirate.  Then, her hat become a pirate hat, because, naturally, pirate hats have three points on them just like hangers.

Other times she’ll wonder around the house with one of our old dead cell phones and call various people like “Grammy” or “Mommy”.  And if we start doing something else she’ll say, “Ok, we’re going to play now. Bye!” and hang up.

Her love of life and imagination are infectious.  I seriously wish there was a way to bottle it up, and bring it with me to work. Then I’d have something to get me through my low points.


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