Two Cool Websites

It’s been a crazy week, and as I continue an attempt to crank out a post a week (I think I’ve already missed one or two) I’ve got a few thoughts just sitting and rolling around in my head. None of them are really ready to hit the digital page yet, and it’s Saturday. Which means I’ve run out of time.

So I decided this week to just let you know about two websites I enjoy that have in big or small ways, changed my life. First up?

1. Lifehacker – I can’t remember how I originally found this site. It may have been while searching for a guide on how to build your own DVR. Regardless, I was sucked in quickly. Lifehacker shares tips and tricks for being more productive and finding some of the coolest websites and software out there. But where Lifehacker really changed my life was by introducing me to “Getting Things Done” by David Allen or the GTD philosophy.

I’ve spent a good amount of my life a disorganized mess. And I probably still am a good amount of the time. But I never really understood or appreciated the benefits of cleanliness and organization before I found Lifehacker. Now a clean desk actually makes me feel relaxed, and I find a geeky pleasure out of emptying my email inbox.

2. Nerd Fitness – A little over a year ago, a friend and I discussed getting together to work out a little. It sounded like it might not be too bad. I’ve always been a scrawny guy who’d love to put on some muscle. And right around that time, another of my favorite sites The Art of Manliness linked an article from Steve Kamb from I checked out his site, and was blown away.

Here’s a guy who loves RPGs, video games, and all that is geeky in life, yet understands the importance of being in shape and carving out time to work out. Though I’m not yet where I’d like to be in terms of workouts and body shape, this site continues to give me motivation to keep trying different things, and does it in a way that’s clever, funny, and speaks the geek language. A year ago, I’d never have considered running on a regular basis. But recently I’ve spent three mornings a week on the elliptical machine. If you’re a video gamer who thinks “I could never work out and get fit”, check out Nerd Fitness. It might change your life too.

So those are two sites I’ve really enjoyed and have made an impact for me. What sites have changed or impacted your life in some way?


Are you a runner?

I’ve been working my way through a Couch to 5k program his year.  It’s been a challenge in many ways, but it has also been rewarding in others. Just last week, I jogged for 20 minutes straight.  I never thought I’d do that.

But I’m still not sure if it’s me.  A little over a week ago, I was talking with a friend about it, and she asked, “So are you a runner?” The thing is, I have no idea.

If being a runner is merely defined as someone who runs, then I’m guilty as charged.  I spend 3 mornings a week on a treadmill.  But I feel like taking on a label implies a desire. And I don’t necessarily think I have that kind of drive.

I want to complete the program. I’d love to run a 5k for that sense of accomplishment and ability to say I’ve done it. But beyond that?  I don’t feel consumed by this burning desire to run.

Maybe by the time I finish the program that will change.  Perhaps I will be transformed.  But if not, I won’t lose sleep over it. I’ll just continue on my search to find a way to stay fit and have fun doing it.

How do you stay fit?  Do you enjoy it?