Humble Bundles Everywhere

The latest Humble Indie Bundle hit the web today.  I have to admit the the lineup of games looks great, and the inclusion of Super Meat Boy alone is a pretty decent selling point.  But my concern regards the fact that it’s the 4th Humble Indie Bundle, but not the fourth actual Bundle.

Over the past few months in fact, Humble Bundles have been popping up all over the place (well, they’re all at the website, but you get my drift).  Rather than a collection of indie games, they’re usually collections by developers, or even one game (i.e. – the Humble Voxatron Debut).  And now I’m left hoping that the Humble Bundle concept isn’t being subverted.

I love the idea of getting some awareness for indie game developers while helping out charity.  The charity side is what makes it unique as opposed to an indie bundle on Steam or the site Indie Royale.  So if it looks like someone’s using the Humble Bundle just to promote themselves, I’m walking away.  And I’m not trying to accuse anyone of doing that.  I can’t judge what someone’s intentions are.  I’d just hate to see an amazing concept that’s making a difference for others get bogged down in self-promotion.

That’s why I get more excited about the numbered Humble Indie Bundles as opposed to developer bundles.  I suppose everyone’s hearts could be in the wrong place, but it’s easier for me to believe 5-7 developers coming together have the best in mind as opposed to one developer with 3-5 games.  That’s likely an unfair assumption, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s how I feel.

So, feel free to release more single developer or pre-release bundles if you wish.  But more than likely, I’ll be holding onto my money until Humble Indie Bundle 5 comes around.

For now, check out the trailer for the latest Humble Indie Bundle: